An Exercise in Self-Indulgence

Roughly three years ago, I took a course on how to be a freelance writer. In that course, I was taught that you shouldn’t just do a blog about yourself.


I think that very philosophy has been the very thing that has gummed up my creative process. I was trying to find a voice, find some sort of topic to write about, and I really feel like I was just failing.

So, I’m going to throw everything out the window and start over again. Yes, I do plan to build at least one blog the “right” way and have a theme and all that jazz, but this space is for ME and my misadventures.

I’ll post as often as I feel like, and I’ll attempt to  be entertaining, but aside from that, I am going to exercise pure self-indulgence here. I’m purely amusing myself, and if I amuse you as well, so much the better.


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